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Do you need content written but aren’t sure how to go about it? Clear and creative writing helps to set an all-important tone and deliver the message you want to get across in an impactful way.

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Yes, I am that person.  The person who catches an error on a news banner and grimaces.  The person who glimpse a sign or a billboard and simultaneously sees a glaring error.

Joanne Wiens . Author & Consultant

 Joanne Wiens has been trying to put words into an interesting order since she was a child caught hiding behind the curtains writing intently on the walls. She has degrees in Education and English from the University of Saskatchewan. As an educator she taught young students to read and write and older students to develop top essay form. A happy task as a school principal was to connect the school community through writing over 130 editorials for the school newsletter. Those editorials became the seed stories for her recently published book, Simply Sacred: Stories from School which captures ordinary moments from school days and looks to connect them to the sacred.
Simply Sacred prods each of us not to dismiss what are seemingly ordinary moments in our lives, but also to note that in our ordinariness we encounter a divine presence.

Simply Sacred: Stories from School.

I never meant to write a book.  Like everyone else, I needed a project during the pandemic and turned to writing to while away the time.  After a couple fruitless stabs at topics, I returned to what I knew best and went back to my 26-year career in education, both at a rural prairie school and at a fledgling faith-based city school.  I had folders of notes and stories I had written or recorded over the years and I started to put them together according to a theme. I also wove a scriptural reference into each chapter.  After a couple writing workshops somehow or other, much to my surprise, it became a book.


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