Simple Words is a creative avenue to help you put your words
in the right order and the right way.

Simple Words . Company

The goal of Simple Words is to take the ideas and messages you want to send out to the world and find a creative way to get them down as actual words on the page that will have an impact on your audience or clientele.  In Simply Written, you bring the vision or the story idea and I rearrange the words until we have a match for what you want to say. In Simply Polished, I look at what you have already written and make sure it is free of errors and communicates in a clear and clean manner.

There is beauty in words…

We can all point to eloquent and powerful speakers and writers who stir our souls with their words. Mere words caused us to support what they were doing or even changed how we thought about an idea or a movement.  Stories told with flair helped us connect to a person or just plain laugh out loud straight from our belly.  Words entertain, champion, motivate, and console.  Simple Words looks for ways to send out words that are kind, uplifting, encouraging.  Simple Words puts a few vowels and consonants together to tell stories that inspire.  Your story. 

Let’s get started…

Each project I work on is unique in its form and structure.  Let’s talk about what you want to accomplish and where I can be of service. If you actually need content written, that takes a bit of discussion and word finagling.  If you already have the content down and need it proofread or edited, that can be done fairly quickly and spruce up your work.  Just get in touch.


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