Snippets from Simply Sacred


I followed a little school around for twenty-three years. Literally. Menno Simons Christian School in Calgary, Alberta, was a school without a permanent place to call its own. Frequently we were forced to find a new building and pack up every textbook, soccer ball, and paintbrush to reestablish ourselves… 

Chapter 1 : Redeemed

You came near when I called on you; you said, “Do not fear!” You
have taken up my cause, O Lord, you have redeemed my life.
(Lamentations 3:57–58)

To be fair, their aim was good. Two egg cartons were strewn carelessly on our front steps, but the twenty-four eggs found their mark on our south side windows with impressive accuracy.


It gathered surreptitiously in the corners of classrooms and bathrooms because the caretaker’s broom was wide and unwieldly, and the corners were sharp, accurate, and refined. It swirled harshly out of the sandpit the long jumpers leapt into, forcing them to shield their eyes and turn away from the sting. It gathered on the base of boot
racks, the forgotten debris of a day’s hard play in mud puddles sent to earth to delight the young.


“you’ll encounter images that refuse to sit still on the page” 


“reasons to make us laugh, to cry, to wonder, and to find hope”


“…a delightful and deep book”

“…sheer holy beauty hidden among ordinary moments”


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