Helping others create their written content or ensuring that content
already written is clean and clear.

Simply Written

Do you need content written but aren’t sure how to go about it? Clear and creative writing helps to set an all-important tone and deliver the message you want to get across in an impactful way. Whether it’s website content, an article, or a family story, the way you put your words together makes a difference. I can write the content for you, or work alongside you as you develop what you want to say.

Simply Polished

Yes, I am that person.  The person who catches an error on a news banner and grimaces.  The person who glimpses a sign or a billboard and simultaneously sees a glaring error.  If you need your work polished, either through proofreading or a copy edit, let’s see if I can help.  No project is too small.  It’s much better to take time to make sure even the smallest message you send out is error free, rather than risk sending something out that’s not edited…and could cause someone to wince.


Do you ever feel that words just don’t come?  That’s where I’d like to jump in to help.  Words tell your story, and storytelling is my specialty.  Whether you are developing digital website content for the story of your company, or just have a project to record your family lore, I’d like to help the words flow.  I have helped authors get started on their writing projects, written articles and stories, and edited many documents both brief and lengthy.  Putting together a quality project that is creative, well-written, and clean is a perfect day’s work.


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